July 9, 2019

Welcome Message

about noor foundation welcome messageWe welcome you at Noor Foundation lets help people who seeking hope and searching for helping hands to lift them up for sake of nothing. It’s our distinct pleasure to welcome you to the website of Noor Foundation inc USA.  We trust that it will provide you with helpful information about us and assist you in becoming better acquainted with our many programs and services.

Noor foundation working culture allows to retain the advantages of a small company viz. quick decision making, responsive to change as flood victims people the priority number one.


Organization Status

Noor Foundation is a not for profit organization registered under the USA corporation act. It is located in the City of New York and also affiliated with different National and International network.

“Noor Foundation inc USA ” name was chosen for the NGO to inculcate in mind and to remember always that our aim is to deliver high quality and best care standards vis-à-vis effects requirements. As we look into the future, we shall not lose sight of the fact that everything we do here at our Foundation is about our people and for our values.