September 8, 2016

Our Mission

The Noor Foundation’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged and destitute people, both in Pakistan and in the U.S.A, and in other places around the world. Natural disasters seem to be a recurring feature of life, necessitating timely and compassionate response to alleviate suffering. On a more daily basis, many people in developing countries live under dire economic and social circumstances, and hunger for opportunities to uplift themselves. In Pakistan, the Noor Foundation has been developing and supporting several types of programs to address the humanitarian, educational, healthcare, and economic needs of the masses. In some cases, Noor  Foundation implement these programs directly, while in others the Noor Foundation supports the efforts of other like-minded organizations and facilitates interaction between groups in order to maximize resources and outcomes. The Noor Foundation’s programs are intended to make an immediate and tangible difference at the grass-roots level.

The Foundation’s activities are focused on a number of major areas:

Humanitarian Relief: When a major disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Noor Foundation lead into action, sending clothing, medicines, food, and supplies to help stabilize the affected area and ensure the population’s most basic needs are met.

Health Care: Noor Foundation is committed to making free or low-cost health care available to those in need, by supporting clinics, emergency services, and medical training in Pakistan.

Education: Recognizing that widespread literacy and a well-rounded education is the foundation for a vibrant, tolerant society; Noor Foundation supports numerous schools and universities, and provides scholarships to deserving students.

Vocational Training: Providing new skills to men and women in Information Technology and other fields enhances individual self-worth and improves Pakistan’s workforce and economic strength.

Interfaith Cooperation: A priority for Noor Foundation is to promote interfaith harmony between Pakistan and America and elsewhere, on the belief that bringing people of different faith traditions together for the common good in all societies is critical for humanity’s collective future.

Nation Building: Noor Foundation believes that enhancing Pakistani civil society and strengthening the democratic process is vital for the nation. Seminars and training programs help create a more cohesive and productive Pakistan.1