September 8, 2016

Our work

Helping People In Need



Children are remarkably imaginative and resilient — but also heartbreakingly fragile and vulnerable. Noor Foundation Inc. works with communities to shelter and nurture children through innovative education, health and nutrition programs. Teaching the next generation and keeping them healthy are essential to tomorrow’s strong, vibrant societies.

It’s our duty to give confidence and basic facilities to those deprived children who are looking for help. It’s our duty to make them a necessary part and an honorable member of society.

Citizen Involvement:

Societies are more peaceful and prosperous when citizens are actively involved in decision-making. Noor Foundation Inc. helps to create safe spaces where various stakeholders can discuss and debate the choices that affect their lives and communities.

We always try to create space for those people who think that society has rejected them and they cannot be a wealthy part of this society.

Civil Society:

Noor Foundation Inc. believes that responses to emergencies and development must, at their core, focus on strengthening the bonds between the public, private and civic sectors. Our approach aims to build and improve social relations based on the principles of peaceful coexistence, accountability and participation.


Individuals with physical and mental disabilities often struggle for visibility and a voice within their communities. Noor Foundation Inc. helps empower them to organize, address their common challenges and advocate for the changes they need to gain access to education, services and jobs.


Imagine having just minutes to take what you could from your home before fleeing from disaster or war. This is the reality for millions of displaced families, who languish in overcrowded camps or lonely city streets with no idea when or if they can return home. Noor Foundation Inc. helps these families with basic supplies and shelter, temporary jobs, makeshift classrooms and preparation for a hoped-for return.


We want to promote the opportunity and assistance for an acceleration of educational facilities in primary and secondary education as well as special assistance for the dropouts on different levels of education.
Noor Foundation will study and prepare proposals to initiate the efforts to bring every child in school. Provide assistance for the establishment and development of public schools to bring the opportunity level to the extent when every child reaching the age of going to school should have equal opportunity to go to school without afraid of heavy admission requirements and recurring heavy monthly school fees.
People should get enough standard facility to compare the cost benefit relationship in public and private education.
The second field of work will be Vocational training for the area of dropouts. Those kids who have to leave their education after primary, middle and high schools level and get substantial training and experience in quality skill works but cannot compete for the open international market due to lack of education and certifications.
The promotion of public benefits in urban or rural areas in situations of social and economic deprivation by introducing the provision of facilitation services within the built environment to make available and improve resources for those who are in conditions of need. All these could be achieved by all or any of the following means:
  1. To develop the capacity and skills (knowledge and technical-based) of the members of the socially and economically disadvantaged communities of Pakistan.
  2. To organize public lectures and seminars, workshop or training program on matters of the built environment and infrastructural importance.
  3. Become a self-sustaining charity organization that will bring a growing resource of engineering or architectural talent to assist developing communities with their fundamental needs, enterprise endeavors and community development.
  4. To issue appeals and applications for money and funds in the furtherance of the said objectives and to accept gifts, donations, endowments and subscriptions of cash and securities and of any property either towards the charity activities or work.
  5. To combat poverty and contribute towards lasting improvements in living standards and quality of life, thereby, promoting great social and economic development and justice.
  6. Promote health equity and improved access to health care services
  7. To contribute towards promoting peace, democracy and human rights among the residents of developing countries and also among the migrant community in the USA and help them to integrate in the USA society and contribute towards the development of the country as responsible citizens.
  8. To support organizations working for economic empowerment of the disadvantaged sections of the society in the developing world and with the migrant community in the USA.
  9. To increase self-reliance and sustainable development through creating awareness about basic human rights among disadvantaged strata of society.
  10. To increase awareness about social and economic problems, organize the disadvantaged strata to solve the problems collectively and play an effective role in the development process.
  11. Participate in various health committees to promote diversity and inclusion.
  12. To enhance peoples skills in making maximum use of their resources and help themselves, both among the migrant community in the USA and those living in Pakistan
  13. To create awareness among the communities, both in USA and Pakistan, about human rights, women rights and gender equality.


Life can change for millions of families in an instant: natural disasters can take loved ones and the outbreak of war drive families from their homes. When the unthinkable happens, Noor Foundation Inc. delivers rapid, lifesaving aid to hard-hit communities.

Financial Services:

In most developing countries, the gap between a good idea and opening the doors of a small business is a huge chasm. Noor Foundation Inc. helps bridge that gap with high-quality, low-cost financial services so the poor can manage life’s risks and take advantage of life’s opportunities.

Global Engagement:

We believe that educating and engaging the public about global issues is paramount to turning the tide against poverty. Noor Foundation Inc. raises awareness of what it means to live on $1 a day — and how that affects access to education, health care and economic opportunities — while providing specific actions that empower concerned citizens to make a difference for people in need.


Our work to build healthy communities, families and individuals is at the heart of Noor Foundation Inc.’ vision for social change. By partnering with a range of partners, from village health committees to government agencies, we help build the means to improve maternal, newborn and child health, ensure proper nutrition and combat infectious diseases.


Millions of families around the world experience hunger every day. Food shortages due to poverty, disasters, conflicts and economic collapse lead to malnutrition, disease and death. Noor Foundation Inc.’ food programs concentrate on those who are most vulnerable — children, the elderly, pregnant women and the displaced.


Many of the rural communities where we work are among the most isolated places in the world. Noor Foundation Inc. helps these villages connect to wider opportunities economically and socially, raising the fortunes of all.


Overcrowded and environmentally stressed, today’s megacities are home to millions who live in extreme poverty. Noor Foundation Inc. works to bring education, health and economic opportunity to families who have fallen through the cracks.

Social Innovations:

The Foundation’s activities are focused on a number of major areas:

  • Humanitarian Relief: When a major disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Noor Foundation lead into action, sending clothing, medicines, food, and supplies to help stabilize the affected area and ensure the population’s most basic needs are met.
  • Health Care: Noor Foundation is committed to making free or low-cost health care available to those in need, by supporting clinics, emergency services, and medical training in Pakistan.
  • Education: Recognizing that widespread literacy and well-rounded education is the foundation for a vibrant, tolerant society; Noor Foundation supports numerous schools and universities and provides scholarships to deserving students.
  • Vocational Training: Providing new skills to men and women in Information Technology and other fields enhance individual self-worth and improves Pakistan’s workforce and economic strength.
  • Interfaith Cooperation: A priority for Noor Foundation is to promote interfaith harmony between Pakistan and America and elsewhere, on the belief that bringing people of different faith traditions together for the common good in all societies is critical for humanity’s collective future.
  • Nation Building: Noor Foundation believes that enhancing Pakistani civil society and strengthening the democratic process is vital for the nation. Seminars and training programs help create a more cohesive and productive Pakistan.

Technology & Internet:

New technologies and the Internet offer the potential to connect diverse populations as never before, creating many opportunities for peaceful collaboration, productive dialogue and economic cooperation. Noor Foundation Inc. works to bring these opportunities to some of the world’s poorest people and most far-flung communities.

Water & Sanitation:

Water is essential for life, good health and economic development — yet more than one billion people lack access to clean water. Noor Foundation Inc.’ work fulfills the water needs of vulnerable populations: We pipe clean drinking water to rural communities, help solve resource-based conflicts and deliver water to families during emergencies.

Women Empowerment:

Women are the foundation of every society. Yet for many women in the world’s poorest regions, life is extraordinarily difficult. Through innovative health, agricultural, business and education programs, Noor Foundation Inc. builds on the courage and resourcefulness of women to help them realize their potential and improve their families and communities.


Youth have a bigger stake in the future than anyone. Noor Foundation Inc. is helping mobilize youth in the U.S. and abroad to influence a better tomorrow, while also offering education and job training to impoverished youth to give them a place in the changing global economy.


In our Food Pantry, we strive to turn compassion into action. We believe that no one should go to bed hungry, and through the collective power of kindness, we’re making strides to ensure that every plate is filled. Join us in this journey of giving. Your contributions, big or small, echo through the lives you touch.


We believe in the power of a shared meal to nourish both body and soul. With each plate, we’re not just serving food; we’re dishing out hope, kindness, and a promise of better days.Join us in our mission to combat hunger and spread warmth to those in need. Together, we can turn a simple meal into a feast of generosity. Every click, every share, and every donation brings us one step closer to a world where no one goes to bed hungry.